[thelist] Not so smurfy tips WAS : The Dreaded HTML E-Mail

Daniel J. Cody djc at starkmedia.com
Tue Jun 5 16:15:42 CDT 2001

Hey Folks - 

I've noticed lately a bunch of posts come through that have been
*waythehell* offtopic and posts that have had <tips> that have been
*waythehell* offtopic.

Couple rules to remind everyone here to keep thelist on a high signal,
low noise diet:

Posting a tip to an offtopic post(like a certain boycott post the other
day) and including a tip doesn't make it alright. Offtopic is offtopic,
and you should *only* post offtopic posts if and when the conversation
from an *ON TOPIC* post veers off into the Hinterland off
offtopicness(yes its a word :) Seriously, lets avoid posting polictical
views, virus warnings, or anything that doesn't have to do with web

Posting an offtopic tip is twice as bad(Val, not to direct this towards
you.. this just happened to catch my eye.. nothin personal :).
Everything that is enclosed inside that tip tag gets picked up
automatically by the tip harvester, which is an automated piece of
software that greps our posts for those little nuggets of web
development insight and help. The tip harvester posts those little
nuggets online( http://lists.evolt.org/harvest/ ) for all of us to use
and benefit from. If we end up filling that resource with offtopic tips,
it kinda becomes irrelevant, right?? Those tips are an *awesome*
resource, lets not dillute it.

Further, again we've had another burst in membership here on
thelist(about 200 in the past couple weeks). Welcome to all you new
folk, jump in whenever! No doubt our new evoltians choose to join us
*because* of our reputation as a good list. Let's not dissapoint them
ok? :)

Finally, I encourage *everyone* to read thelist guidelines located at
This is *the* bible when it comes to how we all should act here on
thelist. Also, try searching our archive listed at the bottom of this
and every email for answers to your question before you post. Chances
are, someone out there has run into a similar problem and we've rapped
about it here already. There are over 100,000 posts in that archive, I'd
challenge all of you to use that as your first resource to
leverage(wooo! buzzword!) the incredible amount of knowledge thats been
shared on this list in the past two years.

Thanks alot and feel free to ask here on offlist if you have questions
about anything above :)

-thelist emperor-

Valerie Walker wrote:

> <tip>
> For women having problems with PMS or menopausal symptoms:
> At the first sign of ovulation (nightmares, irrationality, etc.), start
> taking the following:
> € 25 mg vitamin B-6 (one in the morning, one in the evening. It washes out
> of the system in eight hours.)
> € 1000 mg Dong Quai (morning and evening)
> All month around, take:
> € 1000 mg Evening Primrose Oil (morning and evening)
> € 400 mg vitamin E (at evening meal)
> This stuff really works, and avoids messing with your hormones.</tip>

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