[thelist] Requesting ASP/DB/CF advice

.jeff jeff at members.evolt.org
Tue Jun 5 17:13:33 CDT 2001

ron & bev,

: From: Luther, Ron
: You *CAN* interweave different technologies
: and get them to play nicely together.

in fact, i'd go so far as to say sometimes you *should* interveave different
technologies.  sometimes it makes more sense to use a language that's more
suited to a particular task.  for example, let's say i have a cf-driven site
and on that site i have a form that takes some information from the user.
now, let's say that the page this form gets sent to has to perform all sorts
of complex calculations and generate an image.  if this needed to survive
under highload i might want to invest the time to write up the processing
portion of it as an enterprise java bean or a servlet.  however, building
the entire site as a bunch of servlets or ejbs would be a waste of my time.

: {You may "lose out" on using some technology
: specific session-variable kind of things,
: though.}

an important note that i'd like to reiterate.



jeff at members.evolt.org

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