Saving in Photoshop (was: FW: [thelist] [OT] global rolling black out)

aardvark roselli at
Tue Jun 5 18:00:08 CDT 2001

> From:  Marlene Bruce <marlene.bruce at>
> >Photoshop 6.01 for the Mac always writes information about a PSD in
> >the comments field in the 'Get Info' dialog box (you know,
> >command-i).
> ...that's not exactly correct. If you use the "save for web" feature
> you avoid the extraneous stuff (image preview, comments) that can
> bloat a file unnecessarily. However, if you save a file using the
> regular save feature, then the file *is* subject to the added
> comments.

that's why i said 'PSD,' not .gif or .jpg, which is what you get when 
you 'save for web'...

this has more to do with sharing PSD files than optimizing and 
posting images for inline viewing...  that's why i didn't talk about 
optimizing, since we all know that optimizing images for the web 
throws that stuff out...

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