FW: [thelist] [OT] global rolling blackout

Daniel S. O'Shea doshea at surfree.com
Tue Jun 5 19:58:54 CDT 2001

> so, yeah, we all *know* this is off-topic, right?
> this means three things:
> 1. it really shouldn't have been posted, given the political vitriol that
> may ensue (and i have my own very strong opinions about this as
> well, and it's hard for me to keep my mouth shut)...
> 2. nobody should be responding to it, given the political nature of
> the message...

My apologies to the highly respected Evolt members (all included).

> 3. if you feel compelled to respond (and suffer the offlist wrath of
> my typing), *include a tip*... and not one of those sissy 'how to get
> gum out of your hair' tips, or 'how to make yourself happy,' or even
> 'how to reboot an OS with only the suds from a half-empty cream
> soda at 200 yards'... if you post on this thread, (or any other OT
> thread, but this one in particular), let's see a <tip> that would make
> your father proud and your mother weep... let's see something that
> could be the rosetta stone of developers in the future trying to
> translate HTML2.0 to QXML...

Well, here goes my spanking, er, tip...it ain't no Al Gore and his invention
of the internet (political pun intended), but alas...

<tip type="SQL, Access">
Now since I'm moving into SQL from Access db's and hoping this will prevent
for some a problem I had at first...The upsizing wizard fails to work and an
error message occurs. Access 2000 was released before SQL Server 2000, so
the MS Office 2000 SR-1 patch must be installed. (Before I started studying
SQL, I always wondered what that SR-1 cd was for) Also, make sure you have
the current version of the Upsizing Wizard. The original version that
shipped with Access 2000 doesn't recognize SQL Server 2000.

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