[thelist] Compile Perl

dwayne dwayne at mentia.com
Wed Jun 6 01:22:18 CDT 2001

On Wednesday 06 June 2001 04:54, Josh Spiegel wrote:
> My Question:  Can you compile perl code to binary?


> If so, is it a common
> practice?

not really, especially for CGI scripts. there's little benefit as the 
compiled binary includes the perl interpreter, so your startup time isn't 
really affected. for distributing certain kinds of applications written in 
perl, it might be worthwhile, and there are ways of doing that. (sorry, don't 
have references handy, but if you're interested, i can dig 'em up).

> My reason for asking is that I have been coding between CGI and Cold Fusion
> (as some of you know).  I hate coding in CGI.  It takes so long.  I guess
> it might be easier and more efficient if I could just run executables as
> opposed to scripts.

easier, no. but if you're looking to lower the startup cost of your scripts, 
check into mod_perl:
or perlex:

easier and more efficient coding are great big other subjects...

- dwayne

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