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Martin martin at members.evolt.org
Wed Jun 6 02:39:23 CDT 2001

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Mark Cheng wrote on 6/6/01 5:06 am

>>what's going to keep the redirect from kicking them back into the "browser
>>compliance complaint" page or are you going to have two versions?
>simple JS  to do a history check - if their previous hit was to the nobrows
>page let them through, or maybe a cookie?  Haven't decided yet.

Didn't think that JS let you read the history for privacy reasons.

>>if you were truly separating style from content (ie, storing the content in
>>text files that were included or within a database) then you wouldn't need
>>to go to the trouble of building two versions of the site.  on top of that,
>>you could have specially tailored templates for the delivery of the content
>>depending on the user agent requesting the page.
>1) why do I need a backend database to separate style from content?  Does it
>matter where the content sits?

no, you don't need a db. You *do* need to store them separately. So you 
have the template as a bunch of text files pulled in by SSI to the real 
which only contain SSI calls and the content, which is how
I do my personal site.

I use XSSI to conditionalise the calls so I can serve print-friendly
pages without having to maintain 2 sets of content.

The point is that you can edit the template bit in one place without
having to touch the content files and vice versa.


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