[thelist] Whizzvids - your opinions please

Jesus G. Gorriti Jesus.Gorriti at iconmedialab.es
Wed Jun 6 05:50:56 CDT 2001

First Impression: Not bad.

Second thoughts: It's an applet. I disklike applets
because I dislike when my browser wants more memory.
Only for Win/IE: too restrictive
Compression: Fair enough, but they try it too be
too crisp sometimes so quality its impaired when
there is too much movement.

And I have tested in a fairly fast computer (p3 800).
I would like to see it in a low spec machine.

I've seen better quality and smaller files with DivX
codec (which is only a 400kb download and there is
a Mac and Linux version).

>Whizzvids is an applet-based video codec which appears
>to do reasonable compression (the company claims that
>the full version of the Harvey Keitel ad on that page is
>about 3MB for a 480x360 movie), so users don't need
>a plugin.
>The limitations seem to be:
>* It's Win/IE only
>* It doesn't stream - you have to wait for the whole movie.

>Is the compression reasonable/better|worse than Real/QT?

QT is quite cool (checkout parkwars.com version of the same
movie in mpeg and quicktime) depending on the type of
movie. Whizzvids looks crispier. QT looks smoother.


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