[thelist] Opera & Forms

Julia Frizzell Julia_Frizzell at brown.edu
Wed Jun 6 07:20:17 CDT 2001

At 5:01 PM -0400 6/5/01, Marc Seyon wrote:
>Opera 5.11, Win2k, worked fine for me.
>As an aside though, consider specifying on the form itself which are 
>the required fields.

Thanks, I'll do that. The only thing that is required is the email 
address, tho. :)

The problem seems to be with the referrer. Michael was able to track 
down a bit more where the problem was:

At 8:07 PM -0400 6/5/01, Michael Curry wrote:
>But while screwing around
>with it just this very minute I found out what the actual
>problem was... interMute proxy.  I usually have it set to
>block referrers, and if I shut that off it works fine. 
>If I turn the referrer blocking back on the form won't
>work with IE or Netscape either.  So why did it work
>with Mozilla?  I don't have that using the proxy.  So
>blocked referrers screw up the form.

He's not using Linux, but Win 98.

I believe it's related to the script itself, there is a referrer 
field that checks the validity of the referer. I may need to comment 
that out, it seems to be an issue.

Many thanks to everyone! Oh, and by the way, aardvark...15 pounds 
*more* bacon? Have you not seen the free buffet & cooked-to-order 
breakfast you can get at Embassy Suites? ;)

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