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Joel D Canfield joel at
Wed Jun 6 08:01:38 CDT 2001

<snip author="aardvark">
i consider you lucky... i have no clients that will allow their sites to
not render the same for 15% of their users...

We have a number of secure sites for presentations to prospective employees
and investors. For one particular investor site, I was accosted by our Sr.
VP of Marketing in the hallway and told to post a raw PowerPoint
presentation instead of 'wasting my time' creating a real web version; he
had someone waiting to see it. I didn't have stats on this particular secure
site, but our overall user base was over 30% Netscape (much of that on *nix
boxes) so I was fairly certain we were going to hear the screams all the way
down here in SD.

Nope. Now that we have some usage, the stats on that secure site are 100%
IE5.5 on Windows, over 80% Win2K. The real stats (and conversations with the
users) make it clear that if we chose to, in this particular instance, we
could make the whole site specific to IE5.5 on Win2K and still get away with

I was surprised by the stats in this case, but knowing the real numbers is
absolutely necessary to make this kind of decision.

Joel at

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