[thelist] Compile Perl

dwayne dwayne at mentia.com
Wed Jun 6 08:55:53 CDT 2001

On Wednesday 06 June 2001 08:19, Keith Davis wrote:
> http://www.indigostar.com/
> Their Perl2exe comes in win and *nix flavors. It compiles an exe with
> the interpreter and any modules/requires/uses included. These are exe
> apps that can run on servers, or if you tk them, as standalone
> applications. As server exes they are as fast as mod_perl but run only
> on request. They are great for large app type server scripts that have
> 20 or more conditional functions. Each exe has it's own interpreter
> built in so file sizes are usually min 3.5mb. You can ship the exes as
> 30 day expiring shareware.

i'm curious about this...my understanding is that, as you've got the 
interpreter built into the executable, you would get only a minimal speed 
increase. you're still loading the interpreter, and the efficiency of the 
script itself shouldn't be much greater unless they're doing some serious 
magic when it's compiled. i would have thought the only time saver on this 
would be the actual compilation time of the script, or am i missing something?

> The standalone is created using perl/tk. I built a perl/tk email client
> that can do ordinary email, plus do "https_email" through a companion
> perl "email server" on an https server. The https is for secure emails
> inside a closed community (a Senator's campaign staff). Can't do that
> kind of thing with Cold Fusion.

that's nifty...

- dwayne

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