[thelist] please review

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Wed Jun 6 09:35:54 CDT 2001

> From: "Mike Parsons" <mike at mikeparsons.net>
> please give feedback on http://www.mikeparsons.net/ver/

yes, sir !

> Netscape 4 users please respond (ALT tags)

actually, they are attributes, not tags...

but since you've (oddly) chosen to do an image map for the 
navigation, you've ensured that i can't see any alt attributes...  so, 
*why* do you use an image map here?

your home page sits against the edge of the window, but your other 
pages don't... you left the appropriate attributes out of your 

on some pages, long URLs or other content push the photos off the 
edge of the window, causing a horizontal scroll...

> Secondly, can someone advise on the code for the forms? 

no... but i can tell you that you should have a DTD... and your 
language should be set in the standard 'en-us'...

if you told me where to look, that might help... oh, wait, there it is... 
cool, no sizes or maxlengths... no accesskeys or ids... no 
tabindexes... no <label>s... no action on the form... and hey, a 
bonus second form with only a <br> in it...

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