[thelist] Site redirect check : old browser

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Wed Jun 6 09:40:44 CDT 2001

> From: <sales at iibiz.com>
> Deke and Aardvark are probably two of the most experienced people
> around, with wide areas of knowledge.  (Certainly not to insult any

thanks, but i don't agree... i just happen to be vocal, and 
commenting from a position in which i have experience...  doesn't 
make me more experienced than others, or right... although i 
certainly will act like it...

> one else on the list (!)).  Why do you post a site here asking for
> input - if you have your mind set and have no intention of considering
> what all these experienced designer/developers are trying to tell you?

fwiw, we took it beyond that... mark and i are discussing the finer 
points of the concept of style vs. content, and where the 
demarcation occurs... i am, however, staying out of the DOM 

> This is the attitude you're taking with your customers or potential
> customers.  And people here are offended because it IS rude and
> arrogant . I doubt your superiors would be impressed if they saw this
> entire thread. Which portion of their customers would they let you
> alienate?  The 5% with a couple million in revenues?  You might want
> to check with your board on that one.......

i was only offended at the part where an assumption is made that 
users can upgrade, but choose not to... but that was more of an 
offense to my professional sensibilities, since i know i'm not a 
target user of the site...

that being said, you do make a good point about how even well-
intentioned projects and messages can upset some users...

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