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Memo from Martin P Burns of PricewaterhouseCoopers

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I'd agree with that - the fonts aren't anything wayout anyway.

It's usually appropriate to use an image for the logo, but not simple

Take a look at
(the date field order on the form is dd mm yyyy - you need to be of
legal drinking age to view the site)

The agency did a really good job of making almost every piece of
text *real* text, controlled by stylesheets.

ALT tags should be used to briefly describe the appearance image -
possibly carrying the text of the image (when you've used it for a textual
logo). Longer descriptions should use the longdesc attribute to link to
a separate HTML file which describes the appearance of the image
in more detail.

Typical example (from my own site):

[<a href="/descriptions/bobby_approved.htm" title="Bobby
<a accesskey="B" href="http://www.cast.org/bobby/" title="Bobby's Home
Page"><img src="/resources/bobby.gif" alt="Bobby Approved (v 3.2)" width
="88" height="33" longdesc="/descriptions/bobby_approved.htm" /></a>

And the text of bobby_approved.htm is:
[Selectable Image] Bobby Approved symbol. A friendly uniformed policed officer wearing a helmet displaying the wheelchair access symbol. Words "Bobby
Approved v3.2" appear to his right. Links to "http://www.cast.org/bobby".

More info:


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Hey Mike -

Mike Parsons wrote:
> please give feedback on http://www.mikeparsons.net/ver/
> Netscape 4 users please respond (ALT tags)

Overall, looks pretty good. *but* i think you should rethink the way
you're using the image at the top for navigation your use of ALT tags..

In particular, you should just use straight text for the top navigation
instead of an image map. there isn't anything super tricky you're doing
there to present the navigation, and it may be best to keep it simple
with text. That way, you won't have to worry about using ALT tags
because the text will show up with images on or off.

Also, you shouldn't be putting lengthy descriptions for an image in an
ALT tag. I know its common practice, but its not really what ALT tags
were intended for.. If you want a good level of descriptiveness around
links and images, check out the title attribute. :)

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