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Damien du Toit damien at generator.co.za
Wed Jun 6 11:08:17 CDT 2001

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Does anyone have a method for preloading a flash file (or any file) with
javascript/dhtml or perhaps even a server-side language? (PHP has some
flash-interaction ability I believe).
I want to do this without creating a preloader in the flash file, and it
would be something that's compatible with any file type.

The only script I have found so far that does this, drops a div layer over
the entire page frame until the flash file has loaded, but does not work
correctly because it waits until the file has stopped animating before
displaying it, and thereafter renders the flash file useless until I
refresh the page or go back and forward in my browser history.


Damien du Toit
New Media Programmer

tel +27 21 425 9710
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