[thelist] Font size problems with CSS & NN 4.73(win)

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Wed Jun 6 11:13:29 CDT 2001

> From: "Shaun M. Anderson" <ShaunAnderson at smarttech.com>
> The problem now becomes, can I get Dreamweaver to automatically use
> that class when I want something to be size 1?
> i.e. can I get it to write <font class="1"> </font> instead of <font
> size="1"> </font> (Or another container if so desired?)

eww... if you're going to dump the size="1" from the <font>, then 
dump the <font> altogether and class another container...

> That way, all I have to do is set up the machines of the other 4
> people who are going to work on this site, and I don't have to worry
> about it at all.

hmmm... ok, what is the same about all pieces of small text?  are 
they always in the same location on a page?  can you class a 
container <td>?  find some way to make the template handle it...

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