[thelist] Images Not Showing Up -- Is My Client Crazy??

Rachell Coe rachell at coeville.com
Wed Jun 6 12:04:26 CDT 2001

Hi Evolters!

I have a client who says that when he clicks from page to page on his site, 
images aren't showing up (mainly the logo and the navigation on the left) 
and the navigation links aren't working.  I have gone over his site many 
times, and the coding and images are correct.  I even ran it through 
several link checkers and the reports have been that there are 0 broken 
links.  The client is really starting to breath down my neck about this, 
and I don't know what to tell him.

Could some of you please check the site out (http://www.jhspro.com/) to see 
if any of you experience the same problems?  What could the problem 
possibly be?

I'll appreciate any help you can give me on this!


Thank you!

Rachell Coe
<mailto:rachell at coeville.com>Rachell at coeville.com
(541) 607-9170

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