[thelist] Images Not Showing Up -- Is My Client Crazy??

Rachell Coe rachell at coeville.com
Wed Jun 6 12:12:27 CDT 2001

I believe the client is using Netscape 4 on a PC

At 10:10 AM 6/6/01, you wrote:
>Hi Evolters!
>I have a client who says that when he clicks from page to page on his 
>site, images aren't showing up (mainly the logo and the navigation on the 
>left) and the navigation links aren't working.  I have gone over his site 
>many times, and the coding and images are correct.  I even ran it through 
>several link checkers and the reports have been that there are 0 broken 
>links.  The client is really starting to breath down my neck about this, 
>and I don't know what to tell him.
>Could some of you please check the site out (http://www.jhspro.com/) to 
>see if any of you experience the same problems?  What could the problem 
>possibly be?
>I'll appreciate any help you can give me on this!
>Thank you!
>Rachell Coe
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Thank you!

Rachell Coe
<mailto:rachell at coeville.com>Rachell at coeville.com
(541) 607-9170

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