[thelist] partnering

sales at iibiz.com sales at iibiz.com
Wed Jun 6 13:55:31 CDT 2001

> Yeah... but your name is "sales."

I'm not even sure what that is supposed to mean.....

I'm a freelancer, with my own business.  2 years ago I "partnered" with a IT
company downtown who was always getting asked about web design.  It just
gets real messy, including all the following:

- who are clients supposed to contact
- waiting for payment
- documenting everything you do for a "third" party, so they can "stay on
top of things"
- possible problems with said partnership (friends or not, these things can
happen), then what happens to the clients.
- debates on what goes in whose portfolio
- and on and on

I would give anything to switch this to a referral based situation!  Give me
the name - here's $200 - now just get out of my way!

And I would approach any new situation as such.  My specific approach would
depend on exactly what SHE does..........care to share?


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