[thelist] loose or strict?

Erika Meyer emeyer at lclark.edu
Wed Jun 6 14:05:12 CDT 2001

Off the top of my head, HTML 4.01 loose gives you some leeway for 
sticking some presentational stuff in the HTML (like <td 
bgcolor="FFCCFF">) in addition to your CSS, while HTML 4.01 really 
separates structure from presentation.

But you have to read the specs at the w3c for the full on detail, and 
validate and that's how you learn all the details.

You can leave the DTD out and play with http://validator.w3.org, 
choosing to validate against different sorts of DTDs, and by the 
errors you get some idea of what the validator is looking for with 
different DTDs.

But the specs spell it all out for you in plain (*cough*) English.


>What is the difference between the loose dtd and the strict dtd as specified
>by w3?
>Since I am starting to develop sites for the new Mozilla browsers, I have
>found out that if I dont specify the right dtd, Mozilla will default to the
>"quirk" style rendering, which of course, sucks :-)
>Which dtd should I use, strict or loose?


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