[thelist] partnering

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Wed Jun 6 14:44:22 CDT 2001

> From:  "A. Erickson" <amanda at gawow.com>
> Which brings up another issue -- the referral fee.
> A long time ago when I was freelancing in L.A. an acquaintance of mine
> wanted to refer a person to me. She emailed me and asked if I was
> available and then if she could have a referral fee up front. I
> thanked her for thinking of me, told her that I couldn't give her any
> sort of cash up front since I was broke and that it would have to be
> contingent on completion of the project. I lost that opportunity but
> never felt bad about it.

and you made the right call...

for those who don't see it, let's say i came to you and asked for a 
referral fee up-front?  and next week, and the week after, etc... i'm 
sucking $xxx from you each week, and you're not making any 
sales... sorry, a straight-up business person recognizes this and 
would never ask that...

> So, how does this work? A percentage of the total proposal? A flat
> fee? At the beginning or end?

determine that up-front... i think a % is best for both parties, 
negotiated in advance... and then i pay the fee on signing of the 
contract... if you're cash-strapped, you'll have to make other 

> I totally feel that this person -- should work come out of it -- be
> fairly compensated and appreciated for the work. That is not the issue
> at all, really.


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