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Joe Crawford jcrawford at avencom.com
Wed Jun 6 14:51:42 CDT 2001

aardvark wrote:
> for those who don't see it, let's say i came to you and asked for a
> referral fee up-front?  and next week, and the week after, etc... i'm
> sucking $xxx from you each week, and you're not making any
> sales... sorry, a straight-up business person recognizes this and
> would never ask that...

A great point.

Karmically though, referral fees don't work as well as referrals. If you
are a backend shop and work with a frontend shop - sometimes you get
leads that are not right for you, but will work for the other. Personal
referrals are a big deal, and a great way to do business. *That's*
networking - because work begets work.

If I give you a lead, and you give me some cash for it - I owe you
NOTHING, and you owe me NOTHING. Where's the sustained relationship?
Answer: there is none. You've reduced what could be a continuing
business /relationship/ into a single /transaction/.

Those are my thoughts,

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