[thelist] Site redirect check : old browser

ron_senykoff at beaerospace.com ron_senykoff at beaerospace.com
Wed Jun 6 15:56:55 CDT 2001

on a sidenote -- if i'm using a browser that gets redirected am i now stuck
on your site and unable to use my back button to get out?  if so, you've
just pissed off the user even more.  if not, you've used a javascript
redirect method that's not available on the older browsers
(location.replace() was introduced in js1.1).

How about using a frameset where javascript determines what gets loaded
into the main frame... then the frameset can have a <noframes> section
that's also a text-only version of the homepage... ??

Just curious... because currently the few installations of WebSphere that
I've seen are using a JavaScript redirect to change the homepage over to a
.d2w file.  This seems wrong though, cause I'm sure you could configure IBM
HTTP Server (Apache) to load the other file as default...

-Ron S.

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