[thelist] partnering

dwayne dwayne at mentia.com
Wed Jun 6 16:24:05 CDT 2001

On Wednesday 06 June 2001 20:31, Martin wrote:
> >Also, if this person isn't interested, I'd like to ask her for an
> >introduction to some of these clients and promise some sort of referral
> > fee contingent on whether the project goes though -- is this a good idea?
> OK, so what's the benefit to her? How does she view it in a way
> that isn't "I'd like to steal your best clients, please"?

jumping in, i'd say you'd have to be in slightly different areas for this to 
work anyway - a 'you do killer print/image work, i make fab web sites' kinda 
thing. otherwise, why would they be interested in partnering with you in the 
first place?

you can break it down much finer than that...depends on what market each of 
you is after.

- dwayne

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