[thelist] Mozilla being weird.

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Wed Jun 6 16:57:25 CDT 2001

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>     You may be running into the rendering foibles of Mozilla's
> standards-compliant mode. Removing the doctype declaration will cause
> Mozilla to render the page in "quirks" mode, which is probably more
> consistent with what you are expecting to see. For reference, you may want
> to read an article I wrote some time back (and I suggest that you read the
> comments that follow it for additional clarification) at:

>     Without an url, though, I can't say for certain if this is what you
> experiencing.

Thank you soooooo much : this is EXACTLY the problem I was experiencing. Now
I get it.
In the matter of the URL I didn't give, it's because I'm working on the site
I was talking about, and I HATE showing it before it's finished :p

The thankful frenchie

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