[thelist] Need info on Fireworks 4

Chase Ritter ritternd at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 6 20:08:04 CDT 2001

First of all, if you read this. Thanks for reading it.
*thumbs up*

I have been using Fireworks for some time now and I
just realized that I can't make frames, no matter what
I do, Fireworks does nothing. Can someone explain to
me how to make frames in Fireworks.

Next question;
  I am also going to be using Allaire homesite to do
my actual HTML coding and I was wondering if and how I
can integrate that and Fireworks together. I know I
can use Dreamweaver, but I've never used that before.

Did i mention I am a web designer (new to it)

Thanks for the help, 
Chase Ritter

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