[thelist] OT: Backup hard drives

Tony Grimes algrimes at acs.ucalgary.ca
Wed Jun 6 20:35:05 CDT 2001

     I'd like to get a new hard drive for my G4 (OS 8.6, personal
box, not server) as a backup and to get more space (I only have a 10GB
right now). Can I mirror to a mounted hard drive with my Mac to backup my
files? Can I mirror only certain folders? What are the pros and cons of
internal vs external HDs?


<tip type="client management">
Rule number one in project management is never leave your client in the
dark. If the client calls you to solve a problem, update him on your
progress within the day. If you can't have the problem fixed for a couple
days tell him/her right away, don't wait until you have good news. That 
way, they won't be left in the lurch wondering when you'll be getting back
to them.

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