[thelist] Need info on Fireworks 4

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Thu Jun 7 00:00:29 CDT 2001

> From: Chase Ritter <ritternd at yahoo.com>
> I have been using Fireworks for some time now and I
> just realized that I can't make frames, no matter what
> I do, Fireworks does nothing. Can someone explain to
> me how to make frames in Fireworks.

frames as in <frame>s, or frames as in animated .gif frames?

> Next question;

whoah, only one question per subject, there... well, not really, but 
anyone deleting FW threads won't see the second question...

>   I am also going to be using Allaire homesite to do
> my actual HTML coding and I was wondering if and how I
> can integrate that and Fireworks together. I know I
> can use Dreamweaver, but I've never used that before.

if you have DW, might as well start there if you need integration...

otherwise, it matters based on your coding style... i use PS and 
notepad, and they don't talk at all, which i like very much...

one tool does the images, the other does the markup... if you plan 
to integrate them and cross over those bounds, be aware that (if 
possible), you could end up using a square peg for a round hole, 
since you may start to blur the lines of the strengths and 
weaknesses, and rely too much on code and images that are far 
from clean...

otherwise, i believe there is no way to 'integrate' HS and FW...

i say do it all by hand, anyway...

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