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>> 1)  Some background - our research indicated (this was based upon a
>> simple google search of browser stats) that ie5 was the predominant
>no offense, but that ain't research... i'm talking about polling your
>target audience... that means asking your current customers what
>they use, and polling prospective customers as well... you can do
>this simply with a few phone calls and lunches... and the results
>are actually useful to you, since they describe your users... the
>reports you read describe users to other sites, sites that aren't

well, its some sort of research.  As a rough guide to what people are
generally using its ok ?  If its not useful for general trends why do people
still collect and display it?

Good point about polling our users - we'll do that now (there are 600 of

>hell, i'd put those links right on your 'bugger off' page, and make
>them as plain vanilla HTML as possible, with the purpose of
>printability.... but that's just me...
Excellent idea - I'll do that.

>but you'll never know without polling... you'll be satisfied when your
>numbers stay the same... and without vocal users, you'll assume
>that if the phone ain't ringing and site ain't down, that the
>clients/users are happy...
Believe me when I say shareholders and stockbrokers are not backward about
coming forward.
We'll know if they aren't happy.

>RSS allows you to provide XML feeds of your content so that other
>sites can ostensibly post little headline blurbs on their site showing
>the content on your site... they never need to change it, and you
>never need to change it... it's driven from the content source...

sounds cool - is there normally payments to post those headlines?

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