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aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Thu Jun 7 01:27:39 CDT 2001

> From: "Mark Cheng" <mark.cheng at ranger.com.au>
> well, its some sort of research.  As a rough guide to what people are
> generally using its ok ?  If its not useful for general trends why do
> people still collect and display it?

it's collected and displayed because people use it as cheap 
research, and that draws ad revenue... i don't use those numbers, 
other than to discuss the aggregate internet...

but no, that's not research... in fact, if you have any friends who 
have degrees in statistics, market research, etc., you should ask 
them if they consider that research... yeah, there are 2.1 children 
in every household in america, according to aggregate stats, with a 
boy/girl breakdown of 1:1, but i'm not going to sell baby clothes as 
boy/girl pairs only...

> Good point about polling our users - we'll do that now (there are 600
> of them).

aw, hell, that's cake... you might be surprised, you might not be, 
but once youve polled them, you'll *know*...

> >but you'll never know without polling... you'll be satisfied when
> >your numbers stay the same... and without vocal users, you'll assume
> >that if the phone ain't ringing and site ain't down, that the
> >clients/users are happy...
> >
> Believe me when I say shareholders and stockbrokers are not backward
> about coming forward. We'll know if they aren't happy.

but isn't what they know about the success based on what you tell 
them?  it's not like they're going to surf your logs, see the 
responses from users, or even understand the implications of the 

> sounds cool - is there normally payments to post those headlines?

nope... evolt.org has one, and it's grabbed by a few sites to display 
the top 5 (or 10) headlines on the site... very handy...

you might find this article interesting:

Headlines in RSS and Perl

evolt's is at:

and you can add it to your N6 sidebar at:

NewsTrolls has one at http://www.newstrolls.com/newstrolls.rdf...

and you can build one from a few sites at 

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