[thelist] Need info on Fireworks 4

Mark Fletcher mark.fletcher at vtco.com
Thu Jun 7 02:10:02 CDT 2001

1. Framesets and Fireworks

You cannot create a frameset web page in Fireworks 4. Any reference to the
term "frames" in Fireworks refers to animation not web pages. What you could
do is create the individual pages you wish to use in a frame set in
Fireworks and then creates links to these pages in HomeSite via the Frames
Wizard, or just refer to the pages in the code.

2. You cannot integrate Fireworks and HomeSite directly you would have to
open the page in Dreamweaver and then take advantage of the "Round Trip
Graphics" technology  that is built in Fireworks.

If you have not come across this before you might like to take a look at one
of the free tutorial movies I created for the VTC Dreamweaver 4 Fundamentals
Training CD.


Please note that you must have Apple QuickTime installed to view these


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> <geek>
> First of all, if you read this. Thanks for reading it.
> *thumbs up*
> I have been using Fireworks for some time now and I
> just realized that I can't make frames, no matter what
> I do, Fireworks does nothing. Can someone explain to
> me how to make frames in Fireworks.
> Next question;
>   I am also going to be using Allaire homesite to do
> my actual HTML coding and I was wondering if and how I
> can integrate that and Fireworks together. I know I
> can use Dreamweaver, but I've never used that before.
> :)
> Did i mention I am a web designer (new to it)
> Thanks for the help,
> Chase Ritter
> www.nevermind-designs.com
> </geek>
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