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Mark Cheng mark.cheng at ranger.com.au
Thu Jun 7 02:14:17 CDT 2001


thanks for the info on RSS.

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>it's collected and displayed because people use it as cheap
>research, and that draws ad revenue... i don't use those numbers,
>other than to discuss the aggregate internet...

yep - we did that but didn't do the next step.

>> Good point about polling our users - we'll do that now (there are 600
>> of them).
>aw, hell, that's cake... you might be surprised, you might not be,
>but once youve polled them, you'll *know*...


>> >but you'll never know without polling... you'll be satisfied when
>> >your numbers stay the same... and without vocal users, you'll assume
>> >that if the phone ain't ringing and site ain't down, that the
>> >clients/users are happy...
>> >
>> Believe me when I say shareholders and stockbrokers are not backward
>> about coming forward. We'll know if they aren't happy.
>but isn't what they know about the success based on what you tell
>them?  it's not like they're going to surf your logs, see the
>responses from users, or even understand the implications of the

Different definition of success - what I meant was if the redirect/redesign
in general wasn't working they'd tell us (content success, not coding


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