[thelist] AOL Image Problems

Charles Wilson (h) me at charlesw.com
Thu Jun 7 05:00:57 CDT 2001

Sandy, couldn't you just add a blank frame to the GIF- it wouldn't drastically change the load time
for the GIF.. ?

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> > This fix takes advantage of the fact that AOL will convert GIF
> > and JPEG files to their highly compressed ART format, but will not convert
> > animated GIFs.
> >
> Hmmmm.....thanks guys......I'm concerned about this solution because the ONE
> image my client is complaining about is a gif, but rather large.......and
> adding another frame will drastically increase load time........*sigh* - oh
> well, what's a girl to do!
> I'll play around with it and see what I can make manageable - thanks for
> your prompt replies!
> Sandy
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