[thelist] Who owns the design?

Norman Bunn norman.bunn at craftedsolutions.com
Thu Jun 7 07:57:14 CDT 2001

Not sure how your arrangement is set up, but normally what I do for the
client is the client's to do with as they wish.  That said, I believe it is
good customer relations to educate your clients when needed.  In this case,
by copying the pages maintenance is doubled, the possibility of broken links
and the like is increased and any add-ons like formmail may not work.  Since
your client wants a presence in this directory, you could place a splash
page there and redirect to the real site.  That way he could save the cost
of the extra 5 pages and still double his presence.


> just got back from a long absence and a client tells me that he has signed
> up with an online directory and purchased 6 pages from them and they will
> copy what I have done for him on the www  to their online directory (so
> he has twice the presence or something).  Im not sure tht Im comfortable
> with that.  Any thoughts on the subject would be appreciated/
> Thanks
> Adrian Fischer

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