[thelist] Too good to be true?

Nicholas Dunham ndunham1 at pacbell.net
Thu Jun 7 10:25:56 CDT 2001

You know what they say about things that seem too good to be true . . .
still, I have to ask: has anyone dealt with or know anything about ACS
DataNet and/or Escalade Net? Their web addresses are
http://www.acsdatanet.com and http://home.escaladenet.com. They may or may
not be the same company; their contact addresses are different but their
services are nearly identical in configuration and price -- compare


http://www.acsdatanet.com/linux_dedicated.html and you'll find the wording
is almost exactly the same on both pages.

Anyway, the reason I ask is that both of those pages describe a dedicated
hosting plan that sounds too good to be true. 40GB monthly transfer, 2 IPs,
not a bad little server -- $50/month. Still . . . I'd really *like* to
believe it.

A little background on my needs: I have a fair amount of experience with
FreeBSD, and tech support isn't a primary consideration (I'm not saying that
support isn't an issue -- just that given the choice between low price with
little support and high price with plenty of support, current circumstances
demand the former). Having administrative control over my server, on the
other hand, is very important to me, as is a reliable connection.

So, can anyone advise me? Alternatively, can anyone recommend another cheap,
reliable dedicated hosting plan?

-- Nicholas

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