[thelist] Too good to be true?

Daniel J. Cody djc at starkmedia.com
Thu Jun 7 10:45:01 CDT 2001

Nicholas Dunham wrote:
> You know what they say about things that seem too good to be true . . .
> still, I have to ask: has anyone dealt with or know anything about ACS
> DataNet and/or Escalade Net? Their web addresses are
> http://www.acsdatanet.com and http://home.escaladenet.com. They may or may

ascdatanet.com looks like its either owned or gets its bandwidth from
pajo.com - they probably either have an agreement with pajo.com or get a
t-1 from them and thats what's hosting your machine.

escaladenet.com appears to get their bandwith from UUNet, and it looks
they're only a couple hops off the backbone in LA

I just point that out because its important to know where the people
you're getting bandwidth from are getting *their* bandwidth from. God
help people that had anything hosted by PSINet or anyone who got
bandwidth from PSINet.. Often times, many companies that provide
bandwidth that cheap are overloading what bandwidth they have or are
simple reselling bandwidth from a higher level provider. 

> Anyway, the reason I ask is that both of those pages describe a dedicated
> hosting plan that sounds too good to be true. 40GB monthly transfer, 2 IPs,
> not a bad little server -- $50/month. Still . . . I'd really *like* to
> believe it.

Tough to say.. I'd ask myself "If they went under tomorrow, would my
site be ok?" I hate to sound pessemistic about it, but hosting/colo
providers - especially smaller ones - have been dropping like flies
lately :)

Prolly doesn't help much, but hopefully the insight helps..


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