[thelist] tutorials for html email

Aaron Cole awcole72 at hotmail.com
Thu Jun 7 11:35:44 CDT 2001

I was asked to create a Holiday party invitation using HTML email last 
Christmas.  The answer I was told by everyone was to change the header, but 
I couldn't figure out how to do that on my own.

A guy online from Australia suggested I create my html and save it as an 
Outlook stationary.  You do this by saving your html document to the 
stationary folder at \program files\common files\microsoft 
shared\stationary.  Before you create your email, set the stationary to your 
document.  This worked for most scenarios, but was not consistent.

Some people only received the HTML code and others received all the images 
as attachments.  I never figured out a solution, but I hope this will 
possibly set you in the right direction. I'm curious to see what the answer 


Lisa wrote:
I don't want to start the thread again about the evils of html email. We
know that already. But my client wants one. He is a property agent and wants
to be able to send an email that looks like a web page. I have searched the
archives and done searches on google. I can't find a tutorial that tells you
how to do it. I am using MS Outlook. I have set my format to send mail as
HTML and not plain text. When I take my HTML code from the web page I have
made and paste it into the new mail all it does is show the code. What am I
If you have any good links to how to code and set up a html email I would be
I looked at webmonkey but that didn't tell you much apart from changing your
header from plain to html.
When I search I am using the keywords html+mail. Am I using the wrong
keywords? All I get are pages on how to change the colour or font. I don't
want that I want to be able to display a table with backgrounds and pictures
etc just like a web page.

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