[thelist] tutorials for html email

Canfield, Joel JCanfield at magisnetworks.com
Thu Jun 7 11:54:02 CDT 2001

Here's how I do it w/Outlook 2000 on Win2K:

1. In Outlook, set your mail format to HTML (Tools | Options | Mail Format
|Send in this message format = HTML
2. Check the box 'Send pictures from the internet'
3. Save your settings
4. Open the page to be sent IN YOUR WEB BROWSER. I recommend IE 5 for
obvious reasons.
5. Select 'File | Send | Page by e-mail'

If this doesn't work for you exactly as written, feel free to send me exact
error messages etc offline and I'll do my best to help troubleshoot.

Joel D Canfield
Applications Manager
Magis Networks, Inc.
jcanfield at magisnetworks.com

Lisa wrote:
I am using MS Outlook. I have set my format to send mail as
HTML and not plain text. When I take my HTML code from the web page I have
made and paste it into the new mail all it does is show the code. What am I
missing? . . . I want to be able to display a table with backgrounds and
etc just like a web page.

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