[thelist] java script and forms

Oliver Lockwood isdarksaber at hotmail.com
Thu Jun 7 13:16:55 CDT 2001

yeah, I understood that but I don't know how to use the url object, I'm 
really new to programming, I've only been looking at java script for a few 

The way that I've tried is like this :

document.write = ('<a class="type1">' + url.mfa + '</a>');

its not working so I'm wondering what to do.

>: From: Oliver Lockwood
>: cheers for that but I don't know how to use
>: a url "scope" ro recall the values so I'm
>: still suck!! How do I do this?
>i gave an example of how to access them.  all the variables in the
>query-string are available as properties of a url object.  so, you've got a
>url like this:
>using this script, it will create a url object with the properties: mfa,
>mfb, mfc, and ffa.  you can access the values of these properties through
>the url object, like this:
>make more sense?
>good luck,
>jeff at members.evolt.org
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