[thelist] Too good to be true?

Christine Korza evolt at tipsbyemail.com
Thu Jun 7 14:04:42 CDT 2001


All my sites are hosted with SuperWebHost.com. (If you sign up for them
after reading this, please say you heard about them from "Christine at
protonic.com") It's based in Canada, and for $19.95/month, they claim you

* Unlimited bandwidth
* Unlimited file storage
* Unlimted email addresses

Their servers run in FreeBSD, and include Apache, PHP, MySQL, and a lot
more. Our site runs in PHP with a MySQL database, and we have full
customization of items such as cron. You can telnet or SSH directly into the
server for whatever reason.

Reliability? Our site maintains an outstanding uptime. I have no complaints.
The system admin there is "F*-ing incredible. :) We've had offers from other
people to host our site (which is a non-profit service) for free with other
people, but we won't leave SWH.

I know this sounds like a shameless plug, but it really isn't. I honestly
think they are an absolutely great service.

Administrator/Developer - www.protonic.com, www.tipsbyemail.com

> Anyway, the reason I ask is that both of those pages describe a dedicated
> hosting plan that sounds too good to be true. 40GB monthly transfer, 2
> not a bad little server -- $50/month. Still . . . I'd really *like* to
> believe it.
> A little background on my needs: I have a fair amount of experience with
> FreeBSD, and tech support isn't a primary consideration (I'm not saying
> support isn't an issue -- just that given the choice between low price
> little support and high price with plenty of support, current
> demand the former). Having administrative control over my server, on the
> other hand, is very important to me, as is a reliable connection.
> So, can anyone advise me? Alternatively, can anyone recommend another
> reliable dedicated hosting plan?

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