[thelist] Dynamically Generated External CSS file (fwd)

Siim Einfeldt aka Itpunk siim_e at pshg.edu.ee
Thu Jun 7 15:27:19 CDT 2001

The way I use CSS in my dynamic websites, is the following. I usually
generate the styles through a web based admin and write them directly into
the database (php-mysql). And when page loads, I just simply pull them out
of the database so that when checking the source it looks like the css has
been written to every page separately. Imo this is a good solution, what
do you all think?

Siim Einfeldt
ITpunk Music Web

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---------- > Date: Thu, 7 Jun 2001 15:11:34 -0500
> From: Eric Engelmann <eric at geonetric.com>
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> Subject: Dynamically Generated External CSS file
> Any reason not to do
> <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="/style.asp">
> to create 'separate' stylesheets for IE, NN? Seems to work okay on IE 5, NN
> 4.
> The only thing I can think of is that it'll mess up caching somehow (so it'd
> get executed each time), since your browser may not know how to store a .asp
> file in the cache or something, but I don't know why, since it can store the
> results of a regular page just fine... Haven't seen any problems so far.
> Anyone tried this and found some glaring problem?
> Other options:
> * Mapping .css to asp.dll (which I saw recently on this list... but I'd
> rather avoid it if possible. Setting up more server mappings in IIS is just
> scary, given that the MS security checklist basically removes them all
> except asa,asp)
> * client-side JS to detect and select a styleshee (ala
> http://lists.evolt.org/archive/Week-of-Mon-20000724/148855.html) ... but
> would prefer not to depend on JS (though, its true that if you have CSS
> support, you'll usually have JS support).
> - Eric
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