[thelist] CF/SQL syntax error

Robin Hastings hastingsr at mrrl.org
Thu Jun 7 15:48:56 CDT 2001

Hi folks!

  I'm trying to get a databased phone book directory online and I'm running into a syntax
problem that is frustrating me. I'm sure that I'm just overlooking something stupid, but
I'd appreciate another set of eyes to look over my query to see where I've gone wrong!

The query is:
<cfquery name="updatepb" datasource="phonebook">
UPDATE phonebook
phonebook = '#form.phonebook#', areacode = '#form.areacode#', date = '#form.date#', id =
WHERE phonebook.id=#form.id#

and I'm getting a "Syntax Error In Update Statement" error when testing the page. Thanks
in advance for taking a look at this!!

Robin Hastings
Public Computer Center Coordinator
hastingsr at mrrl.org
(573) 634-6064 x242

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