[thelist] Dynamically Generated External CSS file (fwd)

Siim Einfeldt aka Itpunk siim_e at pshg.edu.ee
Thu Jun 7 15:56:16 CDT 2001

> 1. Including all of the <style> information in each page makes each page
> take slightly longer to download (because it has to download all of that
> info each time separately). An external stylesheet is generally cached, so
> it is downloaded only once.

  Yeah, this might be an issue, but at the same time, usually css isn´t
very long at loading it doesn`t take very much time. But yes, as you said,

> 2. More importantly, if every page on the site hits the database just for
> this purpose, I'd think there'd be a performance and scalability issue. If
> every page is built dynamically from the db for another reason, too, then it
> won't be nearly as big of a deal.

  Yepp, the whole sites are generated dynamically - texts,pics, tec.

Siim EInfeldt

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