[thelist] CF/SQL syntax error

scott.brady at homeqonline.com scott.brady at homeqonline.com
Thu Jun 7 16:19:07 CDT 2001

Actually, I do that all the time (whether it's proper or not, it does work . ..
at least, it doesn't generate a syntax error) using SQL Server.

My best guess is that they are using a column name of "date".  Try changing the
column name  to something like "theDate".

Or, if the "date" field is set to a type of "date_time" and you're trying to set
it to a string (such as '6/7/2001') could be generating the error (including the
single quotes).

Hope one of those helps.


> You are updating phonebook.id and also using it as the key for the query
> (WHERE phonebook.id=#form.id#). This shouldn't be done.

> > -----Original Message-----
> >
> > <cfquery name="updatepb" datasource="phonebook">
> > UPDATE phonebook
> > SET
> > phonebook = '#form.phonebook#', areacode = '#form.areacode#',
> > date = '#form.date#', id = #form.id# WHERE
> > phonebook.id=#form.id# </cfquery>

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