[thelist] JavaScript question

Sorgatz, Rex rex at ibsys.com
Thu Jun 7 17:19:01 CDT 2001

After running into three dead ends, I'm coming to you.

I need to create a popup window -- without using any javascript in the
string or any functions in the referrer document. 

"What?!" you say?

Here's what I mean. Say I email you a link, such as:


I need *that* to popup. So, all the JavaScript must be found in *that*
document. I've got it working on IE & Netscape, but I conk out on all Macs
(and I need it to work cross-platform). Here's what I've got:

<script language="JavaScript">
if((this.opener+'') == 'undefined' || (this.opener+'') == 'null'){
	var dom = document.domain;
	if(dom.indexOf('html') == 0) dom = 'www' +
	//that line just makes the base URL load to the main page
} else{
	htmlOut += '';
	//etc..... [write out the document using htmlOut]. This part is
probably unnecessary.


The problem that occurs: IE on Mac just "hangs" there. The popup just
refuses to recognize the document.domain and doesn't load the popup. And
heck if I know enough about the Mac DOM to figure this out. 

Any ideas? Maybe I'm going in the completely wrong direction...


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