[thelist] site review

sales at iibiz.com sales at iibiz.com
Thu Jun 7 18:30:49 CDT 2001

> www.leavesof gold.org

Front page - very nice.  Considering it's almost all images, it loaded real
quick on my 56K.  Only thing I would change is the text "An exhibition
brought to you by........" is barely legible on the dark background.  Maybe
lighten up that text a little.

Hmmmmmm - clicked on manuscripts, and got a runtime error - "Line 15, Object
expected".  ANYONE ELSE?  (I've experienced similar errors today, could just
be something quirky with my machine.)  Graphically speaking - very pretty,
very nice.  But you've robbed me of my navigation!  Not nice - and some of
the guys on the list are gonna get all over your butt about that, LOL!

I clicked on the "Continue introduction" and was a little aggravated that it
opened yet another window......couldn't that just continue in the same

Once you're in the Manuscripts, you might want to add a "View" or something
down by the arrow.  I didn't realize the actual samples were accessed thru
there, so other people might not either.

The Glossary pop-up is nice....

Hmmmmmmm....your nice design doesn't get to carry thru to some of the other
pages I see.  About the only solution I can think of for that would be to
frame it out (duck!), but that has it's own set of problems!

Beautiful graphics, just might want to think about a couple of those
navigation/usability issues,

Have a great one,


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