[thelist] Dynamically Generated External CSS file (fwd)

Paul Cowan paul at wishlist.com.au
Thu Jun 7 19:13:32 CDT 2001

A couple of things on the asp/cold fusion/whatever serving up dynamic CSS

First, Eric Engelmann wrote:
> * Mapping .css to asp.dll (which I saw recently on this list... but I'd
> rather avoid it if possible. Setting up more server mappings in IIS is
> scary, given that the MS security checklist basically removes them all
> except asa,asp)

The important thing here is the security of the DLL itself. Adding file 
extensions to the one mapping you ARE allowed to use (asp.dll should be
the only one in use, the others that come installed by default basically
turn your new webserver into a $15,000 sieve) is absolutely fine [1].
It's important to reduce the non-essential DLLs used in mappings, not
the mappings themselves.

Then James Aylard wrote:
> Paul Cowen suggested a separate extension 

(don't worry, I'm used to it, believe me!)


[1] Paul Cowan Free Web Advice Limited will not be held liable for
    any security holesd cause by some previously unknown IIS security
    bug due to file EXTENSIONS, not mappings, like filename extensions
    with non-7-bit-ascii characters in them, dashes, underscores,
    periods, or, knowing microsoft, the letter 'e'.

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