[thelist] HTML chars vs. Symbol font etc.

Palyne Gaenir palyne at sciencehorizon.com
Thu Jun 7 19:16:29 CDT 2001

I run a (dynamic) statistics edu site that has a lot of special 
characters in the content.  The old version (the site I inherited) 
had a lot of symbol font.  When I chanced on this I would usually 
change it to the html code for that character.  I have users who now 
say they can see one but not the other, and vice versa, and some not 
either... they look like other chars, or squares... whatever.  What 
is the standard protocol on the web for dealing with this sort of 
thing?  I don't "own" a symbol font as creator so I don't know if 
it's legal for me to offer it as a download... I can refer to 
upgrading browsers but it'd be nice if it were simply readable for 
everyone ... am I dreaming??  -- PJ

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