[thelist] Flash "comments"?

Waller, Rio RWaller at fresno.ca.gov
Thu Jun 7 19:41:55 CDT 2001

Sandy...thanks for your feedback.  I have fixed the php error!  Also removed
the comments from the flash section...and will look at the flash thing!

So...cute tell me that I need to work on my professional look!?  Do you have
anything specific you would comment I work on?

Thanks again for your time...I totally appreciate it!  I am webperson
(female)...just hate that Webmaster...Webmistress thing!  

Rio :)


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Dumb question guys -

I looked at the source code for http://www.Zwerx.com/new.html and
there's a
HUGE block of commented text that I know Flash generated (near the
bottom of
the source page).

Not pickin' on you Rio, I've seen it do it on mine sometimes too, but
quite so extreme!

So what exactly is it's purpose?

The search engines don't read it because it's commented out, right?

Would you be better off deleting this stuff in fear of the search
thinking you're trying to spam them?


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