[thelist] RDF for ASP

Nicole Parrot nicole at parrot.ca
Thu Jun 7 19:45:40 CDT 2001

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From: "aardvark" <roselli at earthlink.net>
> > Now, if you don't run Win2K, but rather run NT 4, and IIS 4, then I
> > don't know what to do.
> yeah, well, most shared NT hosts hang back a version, and half of
> my clients who use shared NT hosting are still on IIS3...
> cool, huh?

Now I see your situation...
Well if you can restrict yourself to RDF, a parser shouldn't be too hard to
write, if regex is available to you. That's another thing I've seen on some
hosts, and not on others.
It can still be done without regex, but just more of a pain and more $$ to
your client (well, from your client)

If you have to recode the xml parser from scratch, it would be worth looking
into changing hosts first :)

Is restricting yourself to RDF a possibility?

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