[thelist] RE:

Lisa Frost lisa at koolfish.com
Thu Jun 7 21:38:21 CDT 2001

Daniel wrote: If you have access to a Unix box with sendmail, a *very* easy
way to do
it is like so: Create a file called mail.html with contents something
like this:

dumb question coming: how do you know if you have access to a unix box? Does
this mean where your email pop3 account is held?

Also all those lines of header code. Where do you put those? There are no
fields for this that I can see straight away in Outlook. So where are they
hidden or am I supposed to be writing this in something else?

And where is the command line?

Sorry, email is not my strong point!



Ps. Thanks to everyone who has replied with suggestions. This will be a
small learning project for the weekend!

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